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Eco-Friendly Tips and News


Infographic Breaking Down the Costs of Globally Going Green

09/09/13 11:24 am

I typically don’t post infographics but found this one from Quick Quid to be very interesting and quite throughly researched. We need to wake up out of our selfish slumber of non-renewable greed and start to put our children and grandchildren’s future ahead of our own pursuit of power and wealth. Needless to say I […]

Japan Commits $470M for “Ice Wall” to Stop Fukushima Leaks

09/05/13 7:14 am

Government officials announced yesterday that the equivalent of $473 million has been allocated to construct a subterranean “ice wall” around the Fukushima nuclear reactors, using pipes filled with -40 Celsius coolant, to prevent contaminated water from coming into contact with groundwater. The technique has only been used on a small scale before, and not for […]

How Your Hybrid Can Save You Money on Auto Insurance

02/01/13 10:42 am

It’s no secret that sales of hybrid cars have been on the increase. In the U.S., the percentage of hybrids to traditionally fueled vehicles has nearly doubled in four years, increasing from 2.8% of all vehicles in 2008 to 5.3% in 2012. It’s also no wonder that they have, of course, given the benefits that […]

Eco-Friendly Universities Are Leading the Way to Sustainability in the U.S.

01/31/13 7:50 am

Educating young people in how to go green is a great step in the right direction toward an eco-friendly future. We can tell students to read on a website that renewable energy and eating organically are good for the environment. We can design buildings on paper that are made with recyclable materials and energy-efficient systems. […]

Designing on a Budget

01/04/13 10:09 am

Whether you’re looking to refurnish your current flat or have moved into a new place and need some new things to fill the space, decorating can be exciting and loads of fun. However, it can also cost quite a bit of money if you’re not careful. With a little bit of legwork, however, you can […]

Eco-Friendly Tips

Use Radiator Panels and Foil

12/03/10 10:32 am

Radiator panels are another low cost method of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Radiator panels are a brilliant method of reflecting the lost heat from radiator that is lost from behind as heat escapes to the back wall. Radiator panels reflect this heat back into the room, increasing the output of the radiator [...]

Switch To LED Light Bulbs

12/03/10 10:29 am

LED bulbs use 50-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs have an incredible life span of 50,000+ hours versus 8,000 hours for fluorescent light bulbs and 1,500 hours for an incandescent light bulb. An LED flashlight, lantern or headlamp can run 100+ hours on one set of batteries making them the perfect green choice [...]

Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

12/03/10 10:22 am

Washing all your clothes in hot water doesn’t really make any difference in terms of cleanliness from washing them in cold water. The real difference here is how much energy you save by washing your items in cold water. Switching to cold washes could save a whopping 85% of the energy used per load. So, [...]

Install A Water-Saving Showerhead

12/03/10 10:18 am

A typical, run-of-the-mill shower head (like 90% of the shower heads in use today) uses 4-5 gallons of water per minute (GPM.) Take longer than a two minute shower, and that can get expensive and can use up way too much energy and water. Energy efficient or water-saving shower heads can be found in a [...]

Lower Your Thermostat At Night

12/03/10 10:04 am

During the chilly winter months, its a great idea to set your thermostat a few degrees lower while you sleep. Not only will you sleep more soundly, but by turning the temperature down, you will cut your utility bills by one to two percent for each degree you lower the temperature. There are many programmable [...]

Eco-Friendly Automobiles

Nissan Leafs Roll Out For Low Carbon London Project

07/12/13 1:40 pm

The Low Carbon London Project has provided brand new Nissan Leafs to 25 individuals as a part of its electric vehicle (EV) lease scheme. The individuals involved picked up their Leafs at Nissan’s UK headquarters in Maple Cross, Hertfordshire and will be providing pertinent information regarding their experiences during the one year trial. An additional […]

Discover the Range of Hybrid Car Options

04/10/13 9:41 am

It doesn’t matter whether you are an eco-activist or just trying to save money on fuel costs, a hybrid car is an excellent choice. You don’t have to sacrifice size for great fuel economy, nor do you have to lose style for green features. From compact to luxury, there is a green, fuel-efficient car out […]

3 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Electric Cars

10/17/12 8:33 am

If you’re looking for the most environmentally friendly car to cruise around in, the obvious choice is an electric car. Unfortunately, most electric cars, if not all, are limited to city driving thanks to their low speeds and long recharging times. If you live out in the suburbs or country, you want a car that […]

Car2go Car Sharing Program Set to Launch June 30th in Toronto

06/29/12 1:13 pm

Toronto is taking the next advanced step towards becoming a major green and less congested metropolitan city. Following the lead of Vancouver, the new Car2go Car Sharing Program is getting ready to start on June 30th, 2012, ushering in a new era of transportation options for the city’s population. The concept is extremely simple. Register […]

Honda Goes Hybrid With the Acura RLX

04/09/12 7:28 am

Tokyo based automakers, Honda Motors, want to increase sales for their new Acura, and they are taking the green road to reach their goals. The Acura is Honda’s premium brand, and their new sedan will make use of two electric motors and a V-6 gasoline engine. The RLX, as its being called, will be the […]

Solar Power

Guest Post: In Many Locations, Rebates Make Solar Power a Good Deal

11/06/12 9:30 am

If you’re interested in saving money on your energy bill, you may have considered installing solar power generation capabilities at your home or business. The central question behind such an endeavor is always whether the move makes financial sense. A big part of the answer is determined by geography. If you’re located in an area [...]

Home Solar Installations Doubled in 2011

03/15/12 6:38 pm

Even though many Republican politicians are fighting against the growth of alternative energy, it seems as though there are many Americans that are attempting to change the world for the better by installing home solar systems, and adding to the grid rather than just using up energy. Installations of solar panels in America more than [...]

Tûranor PlanetSolar Launches at 2012 World Future Energy Summit

01/21/12 10:07 am

A solar powered boat docked in Abu Dhabi just before the 2012 World Future Energy Summit has made a 48,000 kilometer voyage entirely on electrical power to get there. The boat wanted to prove that there were ways for the shipping industry to reduce the amount of green house gases that boats emit into the [...]

5 Great Tips for Investing in Solar Technology

01/18/12 2:10 pm

Investing in photovoltaics, or solar energy, can be a little tough for some people due to the high initial price of solar panels and similar technology. However, the environmental and financial benefits of this investment far outweigh the cost. If you are looking to invest in solar power, then check out these tips to make [...]

Global Solar Sunlinq Portable Solar Charger

01/03/12 6:42 pm

If you went just ten years back in time to show solar power developers the kind of chargers that would be available in just ten short years, you would blow their science-loving minds. The SUNLINQ USB mini and plus solar chargers were made to charge most cell phones, including your Blackberry or iPhones, ipods, digital [...]

Wind Power

In Many Locations, Wind Power Is a Sound Investment

11/06/12 9:40 am

Investment in wind power — whether by a government, utility or consumer — is a sound strategy if the benefits outweigh the costs. How costs and benefits are evaluated can be different in each case, but usually our primary considerations are financial. So we could say that an investment is wise if it returns more [...]

Energy Deregulation Needs to Expand

10/25/12 9:23 am

During the past twenty years, several states have embraced deregulation of the energy market and it has proven to be a boon for the wind industry. It’s simple. People want to go green, and having a deregulated energy market makes it easy for them to choose an electricity supplier that only purchases energy generated by [...]

Wind Power Tax Break Fails in Senate

03/15/12 6:50 pm

In a move that Democratic Senator Mark Udall claims could destroy the wind energy industry in the US, the extension of a federal tax break for wind energy production failed in the Senate on Tuesday. The vote was 49-49 on an amendment to another bill, but it had needed 60 votes to pass. The tax [...]

Wind Farm Off Shore of Cumbrian, UK to be World’s Biggest

02/10/12 4:53 pm

Expected to produce enough electricity for 320,000 homes in the UK and be marked as the world’s largest wind farm, the new 367 megawatt Walney wind farm project 6km off the Cumbrian coast opened yesterday. The $1 billion pound (US$1.58 billion) project is a joint venture between SSE, OPW and DONG Energy that includes 102 [...]

Donald Trump Says Alex Salmond is ‘Destroying’ Scotland With Wind Farms

02/10/12 4:19 pm

Donald Trump needs no introduction, but let’s start off with with the reminder that when Trump came to Scotland and proposed his new golf course in Aberdeenshire, Trump International – Scotland, it was Alex Salmond who stuck his neck out against widespread opposition from the locals and supported the controversial course. Now Trump has turned [...]

Eco-Friendly Technology

Best Android Apps for Kids

12/16/13 11:23 am

With Android applications aimed at children starting to multiply rapidly – perhaps compensating for what has up until now been a real lack in market offerings, at least in comparison to those offered to Apple junkies – we’ve compiled a list of the best Android apps to keep your kids curious, stimulated and…quietly entertained while […]

Nikon Showcases Android Powered Coolpix S800c

08/22/12 10:01 am

The growth of smartphone sales over the past several years has led to lower demand for compact cameras. However, Nikon hopes to reverse that trend by incorporating the Android operating system into its latest compact camera. Nikon is describing its new point-and-shoot, the Coolpix S800c, as a “social imaging device.” The Coolpix S800c comes with […]

Lookout AT&T, Verizon: Unlimited Data Plan Returns to T-Mobile

08/22/12 9:54 am

As the largest wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon, have done away with unlimited data plans over the lase few years, T-Mobile has decided to bring them back. The nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier has announced that it will start selling unlimited data plans once again starting September 5. T-Mobile has been losing customers to both […]

Apple Patent Granted to Skip TV Commercials

08/22/12 9:20 am

Annoying commercials may no longer hinder your ability to enjoy watching television. Apple was just granted a patent that allows users to skip TV commercials. Instead of hearing ads about the newest cars for sale, restaurants, and banks, you could play your favorite song or music video during the breaks from your programming. Dish Network’s […]

Apple Makes Changes at Foxconn Companies, but More Are Needed

08/22/12 9:12 am

Apple has come under international scrutiny in the past few years for high suicide rates at its partner Foxconn’s Chinese factories, one of the main suppliers for Apple products around the world. Recently, the Fair Labor Association, or FLA, released its report on the state of Foxconn, detailing which steps the company had already taken […]